OCASG Awarded Irvine Recover Grant to Host Social Program

We are thrilled to share that the Orange County Asperger’s Support Group (OCASG) has been awarded the Irvine Recovery Program Grant, providing $46,821 in funding to support English and Spanish-speaking adults and teens with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Irvine. The project is called, the Irvine Autism Social Program and is dedicated to improving mental health and enhancing essential skills, especially for those impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

OCASG is excited to offer evidence-based support services that foster friendships and enrich social lives, called the OCASG Friends and Fun Program. Our initial focus will be on adults with high-functioning autism, with plans to include teens in January 2024 and Spanish-speaking individuals in April 2024. We’re grateful for this opportunity to continue making a positive impact on the autism community in Orange County.

This program includes the following.

  • Social Skills Discussions – A monthly discussion to learn techniques for improving your social life, led by Dr. Ali Arena.
  • Social Activities – a monthly social activity led by Erin Alonso, OCASG Social Coordinator. These activities will give you an opportunity to have fun as well as put into practice what you learned during the discussions.
  • Buddies Program – Participants will be matched with a compatible buddy. Monthly activities are designed to help build friendships and prizes will be awarded based on participation.

As OCASG serves individuals throughout Orange County, we will offer the program to both Irvine and non-Irvine residents. However, only those residing in Irvine will be able to participate in this program at no cost. Those living outside the City of Irvine must pay for participation in this program. The quarterly cost is $80/quarter for OCASG members and $100/for non-members. The first discussion session is scheduled for Wednesday, October 11th at 7:30 PM.

For more information on the OCASG Friends and Fun Program, click here.
To register for the Friends and Fun Program, click here.
To apply for the Friends and Fun Program as a resident of the City of Irvine, click here.

About the Grant

The Irvine Recovery Plan Grants Program, the City of Irvine is providing grants to local nonprofit organizations that provide services and programs to the Irvine community. These funds were made available through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. This grant is focused on helping vulnerable populations who were impacted by COVID-19. Funds are to be spent between October 2024 and June 2025.


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